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PHPA / Local 107

General Membership Meeting

7pm   February 22, 2006

Union Office, New Iberia


Attendance: There were 27 members in attendance.  For a list of names, see the sign in roster (on file in Union office).


President, Ken Bruner, calls meeting to order at 7pm.  He begins by announcing that there was no pre-meeting agenda prepared for this meeting.


Jim Deaton moves to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the last meeting.  Motion passes.




President’s Report - Ken Bruner


1. Welcoming statement and thanks to everyone for attending the meeting.

2. Announces that OPEIU Organizer, Mr. Jeff Rusich, may join the meeting later in the evening.

3. Update on Local 108/ PHI negotiations:  Our Brothers at Local 108 are experiencing many of the same problems faced by Local 107.  Although a strike vote was taken and passed by over 90%, the parties have not been released to self help by the NMB. Next meeting is scheduled for latter this week.

4. As a result of negotiations, the Local 107 & Local 108 new office building project is presently on hold.


Vice-President’s Report - Chris Bingham


1. Following a competition, which included many outstanding entries, a Local 107 Union Logo was approved by the Executive Board.

2. It is our intention to have this logo placed on T-shirts, hats, and other items which will be offered for sale to the membership.  (Chris showed the meeting a coffee mug and golf shirt provided by the contractor as samples)

3. There are several legal questions to resolve; however, it’s our intention to use any profits from the sale of this merchandize to fund a Charity (to be adopted by the local) or to invest in the Local’s emergency fund.  All the details will be ironed out by the E-Board following the results of our inquiry to OPEIU International.

4. Joe Osborne:  Joe is out of the hospital and staying at home; however, he drives daily to the hospital for his treatments.  Joe is weak but in good spirits - all of us wish him a speedy recovery.  Joe may be interested in selling his truck and travel trailer, so you’re in the market - give him a call.


Treasure’s Report - Bill Sykes


1. $132,670.74 in the General Fund.  In order to earn interest, some of this money will soon be converted to a certificate of deposit (CD).

2. $4,258.82 in the Emergency Fund.  Last check in the amount of $1,000 was issued to Tom Olney’s wife, Carolyn.

3. Trustee’s Report for the last quarter was submitted and accepted into the records.


Recording Secretary Report - Pete Catalano


1. The General Membership meeting schedule has been set in advance for the years 2006 and 2007 as follows:

2006:  Wednesday - May 17, August 9, and November 8.


2007: Wednesday - February 7, May 16, August 8, and November 7.


2. When available, all meetings will be held at the Holiday Inn on Hwy 14, New Iberia. However, even when unavailable, because of its centralized location; all GM meetings will be held in New Iberia.

3. The E-Board is considering holding additional, non-voting, meetings at various locations in order to improve communications and increase membership involvement at bases not in close proximity to New Iberia.


4. Additionally, in this effort to improve communications and increase member involvement, the E-Board has instituted the following procedures:


Ø     Using the e-mail list and web site, a GM meeting Agenda will be published approximately 10 days prior to each meeting.

Ø     Members are encouraged to review the agenda, the send any questions or comments to our Recording Secretary, Pete Catalano, at

Ø     All questions and comments received will be raised, on the record, during the meeting.

Ø     On the day following the meeting, again using the e-mail list and web site, the minutes of that meeting (including answers to all questions raised) will be published.


Trustee Report - Jim Deaton


1. Jim updates the meeting on his plans for a much improved Union Steward Program. This program will involve a real effort on the part of the Union to recruit and train motivated members to become Stewards.  Jim plans to provide all the material necessary to perform the duties associated with this very important position, including extensive training.  Additionally Jim has outlined several important goals which he hopes to accomplish by directly involving the Stewards in Union affairs.  If you would like to be a part of this program, give Jim Deaton a call.




1. Is the Union doing anything about the “radio problems”?   Aside from working with the Company, through our Safety Committee, there is little the Union can do about it.  The Company has informed the Union that they are working diligently to correct this problem.

Ø     We encourage everyone to follow the Company Operations Manual.

Ø     Pilots are strongly encouraged to report safety related matters, not only to the Company, but also directly to the Union Safety Committee.

Ø     A long discussion follows concerning the problems with airborne communications, Company communications in general, and the sense of frustration affecting most of the members. 


2. When will the 1.75% pay for workover end?  February 28, 2006.


3. Has the Union begun preparing for the next negotiations? We’re always preparing for negotiations; however as for formal preparations - they won’t start for at least another year. 


4. When will elections be held for the Negotiating Team?  The Executive Board is reviewing procedures for forming the next Contract Negotiating Committee with an eye toward a complete revision of the existing format. Details of this plan are in the very early stages of discussion and will be announced at the appropriate time.


5. When will the Contract Pilot Grievance be heard?  9am, March 17, 2006 in Baton Rouge, LA


6. What about the 180 day limit on Contract Pilots?  The Union will file a separate grievance, specifically addressing this issue, tomorrow.


7. What are the “special operations” (Language in the CBA) which gives the Company the right to hire contract pilots?  It is the Union’s position that such “special operations” do not exist.


8. What is the Union’s position on this issue?  Our position is that the hiring of Contract Pilots is a violation of the CBA and should cease immediately.




Ken introduces OPEIU Organizer, Jeff Rusich and AFL-CIO Organizer, Ed Darcy, to the meeting.  These gentlemen had just come from an organizing meeting with the Air Logistics mechanics group and were present at our meeting to report on the progress and ask for our assistance.


Jeff Rusich


1. The mechanics campaign at Air Log is going better than expected.  The guys are more vocal in their support and many more than last time are expressing this support.  Additionally, it is very encouraging to see the large number of mechanics who, last time, were very “anti Union” but are now asking “What can I do to help?”


2. OPEIU is asking that the Pilots help support this campaign by talking to the mechanics.  Educate them on the benefits of Union membership and explain what the Union has done for you and your family.  Just remember when you do speak to an Air Log mechanic, follow some simple common sense rules:


Ø     Be honest. 

Ø     Do not disrupt his duties.  Have discussions during his breaks or when he’s off duty - never interfere with a mechanic while he’s working.

Ø     Do not be negative.  This is not about Air Logistics and it is not an anti-Company campaign. It’s about what a Union can do for its members and their families.  So stay positive, point out how far the Pilots have come since they joined OPEIU, and never “bad moth” the Company.




Local 107 Vice-President, Chris Bingham, makes a presentation to our President, Ken Bruner.  Ken is presented with a plaque in honor of his hard work, dedication, and leadership.  Anyone who knows Ken or is familiar with this Union knows that no one deserves this award more than he. 


Ken receives a well deserved standing ovation.  Congratulations Ken.


Check out Ken & Chris’s picture on the Union’s web site!



With no further business, the meeting is ended at 8:20pm.