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PHPA / Local 107


of the

General Membership Meeting

May 17, 2006

Holiday Inn, New Iberia


Attendance: There were 30 members in attendance.  For a list of names, see the sign in roster (on file in Union office).


President, Ken Bruner, calls meeting to order at 7:06pm.    Member, Jim Morgan, moves to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the last meeting.  Motion passes.



President’s Report   - Ken Bruner


  1. Peggy Tyler, Isaac Tyler’s wife.  Peggy is seriously ill; she has undergone several operations and unfortunately is not progressing very well at the moment.  Please keep Isaac and Peggy in your thoughts and pray for her speedy recovery.


  1. PHPA update:

Ø     The PHPA recently held elections: Local 107 member, Bill Blume, was elected VP.

Ø     The PHPA is doing great; it is operating in the black and growing every day.

Ø     PHPA needs volunteers.  If you would like to be a part of this important and fast growing organization, contact Ken Bruner or Bill Blume for more information.


  1. Mechanics’ Union: The mechanics union election failed by two votes. No word yet on whether OPEIU will ask for a recount.


  1. PHPA Insurance:  PHPA is working with a major insurance company to offer its members group rates. Everyone should receive a package in the mail from this company shortly. Part of the offer includes $4,000 in free accidental death benefits for each member (2k from PHPA & 2k from the insurance company)


Vice-President’s Report - Chris Bingham


  1. Safety Committee. The safety committee now has five members; the Union is attempting to get all school trained.  The committee is working well with the Company; we are attending all Company Safety meetings and have developed a good working relationship with both parties displaying mutual cooperation.  At present our main focus is on the safety related aspects of “offshore living conditions”.  This subject prompted a long and productive conversation, with several members offering opinions and some excellent suggestions.  The general consensus is that this remains a major area of concern; but will take group effort on the part of our entire industry to bring about the necessary changes. Our Safety Committee will continue to urge the Company to adopt written standards for offshore accommodations which can be administered throughout the Gulf.


  1. Alaska.  Ken Bruner and Chris Bingham will make a trip to Alaska shortly in an effort to develop a closer working relationship with our brothers in the Alaskan operation. The concept of One Union-One Company-One Contract remains an active focus of Local 107.


  1. Incidents.  Chris recapped two recent incidents; as there has been little additional information on these incidents, the recap was very brief.  When further details become available, the Safety Committee will disseminate them, as appropriate.


Treasure’s Report - Ken Bruner  (Secretary Treasurer, Bill Sykes, did not attend the meeting due to illness.)


  1. The Trustee’s Report for the last quarter, which was submitted and accepted into the records of the E-Board earlier today, was entered into the records of the meeting and offered for inspection by the membership.

Recording Secretary Report - Pete Catalano


  1. As a result of a mistake on my part, no pre-meeting agenda was published for this meeting; I regret the error and assure everyone that a pre-meeting agenda will be published at least one week prior to the next GM Meeting.
  2. That said; any time a member has a question or comment he would like addressed or brought to the attention of the E-Board please send it to Pete at  Your question or comment will be addressed immediately or forwarded to the appropriate E-Board member for response.


Trustee Report - Jim Deaton


  1. The Steward Program is about to kick off - we need volunteers!  This Steward Program will not be “more of the same”; instead it’s been completely revised. It is the E-Board’s intention to get our Stewards professionally and actively involved in the administration of the CBA.  To this end, we’ve prepared a formal training program which will be both instructive and entertaining. If you’re interested in being a Union Steward, please contact Jim Deaton immediately at




Contract Pilot Grievance -  Ken Bruner


Ø     This matter was resolved, outside of arbitration, on March 17, 2006 in Lafayette, LA

Ø     The decision reached between the Company & Union resulted in LOA # 6, to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, which does the following:

1.     Creates a new job classification called Supplemental Pilot.

2.     Limits the number of such Pilots to 10.

3.     Mandates that these Pilots pay union dues; however the Union is not required to represent them.

4.     Pilots will continue to receive 1.75% for workover as long as the Company is experiencing a 7.5% shortage in the pilot workforce, which currently equates to 24 Pilots.




Tom Olney.  The E-Board approved a memorial for Tom and is presently working on exactly what form this memorial will take.  The Tom Olney Memorial will be announced prior to the first anniversary of Tom’s passing.  At the moment, some ideas include Scholarship Fund and Charity Golf Tournament; if you have any other suggestions, please send them to a member of the E-Board. Tom was a great Pilot and a great friend - we want this memorial to reflect that fact.


Internal Communications Committee - Trustee, Jim O’Brien, has been empowered to develop an Internal Communication Executive Committee.   The Committee will be chaired by Jim and will consist of two or three members-at-large. It will be responsible for research, development, and implementation of:

1) Tools and Technology

2) Training initiatives 

This new standing committee will be chartered to think creatively, act boldly, and bring to the E-Board an Internal Communication Strategy that can serve as a model for our General Membership and for other Union Locals.  It is the Executive Board’s desire to create an efficient and effective communications network within our organization. By utilizing all available technology and the talents of our general membership, this new committee will be the vehicle for that change. If you are interested in participating in this important project contact Jim O’Brien -    More to come!


Workover / Union LOA:  There are times when members of the E-Board have difficulty in getting Company approved Union LOA’s (time off from work). As these LOA’s are critical to the administration of the Union, we are asking for your cooperation.  When asked, please request workover specifically to cover a Union LOA. Thanks for your cooperation.


HOMP Program announcement - Local 107 member, Jim Morgan, presented an excellent Power Point Presentation describing the new Company HOMP program.  Jim is excited about this program and he should be. The program is an effort by the Company to reduce accidents and improve safety.  It’s hard to argue with those goals, so we hope everyone gets on board.  If you have any questions about the program, contact the Training Department or call Jim Morgan.




1. How many Supplemental Pilots does the company now employ?  At last report to the Union, 8.


2. What is the “Pay Scale” for Supplemental Pilots?  Whatever the company decides it should be.


3. On the date LOA # 6 was signed, no Supplemental Pilots were paying Union dues.  When will they be signed up?  Bill Sykes has been tasked with contacting the HR Department to make the necessary arrangements ASAP.


4. What is the status on the Company’s Pilots Hired With Previous Experience proposal?  Members of the Executive Board will meet with company Chief Pilot, Rob Phillips, on Friday, May 19th to discuss this subject. An E-mail update will be sent out following this meeting.


With no further questions from the floor and no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:42 pm.