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PHPA / Local 107

General Membership Meeting

7pm   August 9, 2006

Holiday Inn, New Iberia


Meeting delayed for 30 minutes due to an accident on Hwy.90, called to order at 7:30pm.

Attendance: 24.  (Sign in roster on file)

Motion to waive reading of the minutes made and passed.

Door Prize Drawing: Won by Herb Broadus, PTN.



President Report:  Ken Bruner


  1. Thoughts & prayers for John Dotty’ mother who recently passed away and Wayne Ladner’s mother who is critically ill.
  2. PHPA Safety Conference: Will be held at Tunica Hills on October 27 & 28.  The conference will consist of classes, lectures, and forums. And, if the first conferences is any indication, a good time.  Local 107 will send an official representative, but all PHPA members are welcome - please try to attend.
  3. Workover bonus program: It’s working. This program is an example of good work and mutual cooperation between the Company and the Union - if we work together, good things can happen.
  4. LiPari Clothing Store on Lewis Street in New Iberia is now selling items with the new Local 107 Logo.
  5. Emergency Fund.  Many of our members continue to support this very worthwhile cause; but a special thanks is owed to one Pilot who recently donated $1,000! We know who your are - that generosity is greatly appreciated.  We should all be inspired by his example to make regular contributions, in any amount affordable, to the Local 107 Emergency Fund. Brothers helping Brothers!
  6. Trustee Appointment: The E-Board has selected a member to replace Trustee, Charlie Guilroy, on the Executive Board.  As yet we’ve been unable to contact the nominee for his confirmation; his name will be announced as soon as possible.
  7. Local 108 Negotiation: Our brothers at Local 108 are nearing the end of the 30-day cooling off period; with Super Mediation anticipated - the outcome is unclear at this time. We are currently preparing to support Local 108 in any way possible, but especially by offering financial aid, accommodations for striking Pilots, and bodies on their picket lines. More information on this subject will be disseminated shortly.
  8. PFE VOTE:  A long discussion took place regarding the Company “Pay for Experience” proposal and the subsequent rejection by the membership.


Ken recapped the history of the proposal and described the E-boards deliberations. He pointed out comments form members, included on ballots, identified three principal reasons for voting against the proposal:

(1) The benefits were not membership wide.

(2) The proposal should have been made and agreement reached under Section 6 Negotiations.

(3) The proposal was seen as a tactic to split the membership and adversely affect our solidarity.


Ken then attempted to address each of these reasons:

(1) If the proposal had worked as anticipated, it would have adversely affected the 1.75% workover rate. It would have been viewed by the general membership as a program benefiting some Pilots but harming the group. The Company had an opportunity to correct this flaw in their proposal by simply making 1.75% w/o permanent. Had they done so, the resulting proposal would have benefited some Pilots but harmed no one. The E-Board would have accepted that proposal on the spot.

(2) The Railway Labor Act, which governs our Union, makes clear - changes in rates of pay and working conditions should be made in accordance with Section 156 of the Act. It protects both parties and results in legally binding decisions. 

(3) Was this a Company tactic? It doesn’t matter - split the membership and adversely affect solidarity is exactly what it did.


Vice-President Report: Chris Bingham


  1. Safety Committee. The members have been very buys lately with work, workover, and vacations. No meetings since the last GM Meeting; however one will be scheduled shortly.


Treasure Report: Bill Sykes


  1. The Local coffers contain $21,438.74 in checking and $100,000 (plus recent interest) in CD’s.
  2. The Emergency Fund contains $4,358.82
  3. Local 107 will be selling some unneeded office equipment (printers, fax machines, etc.) more information will be forthcoming or you can contact Bill Sykes.
  4. Update your address!  The Local continues to struggle with up-to-date addresses for all members. Please give Bill your current mailing address, or go to the web site to update it.


Recording Secretary Report: Pete Catalano


  1. The plan to publish GM Meeting Agendas in advance of the meetings is being discontinued.  The idea did not materialize as anticipated, primarily because the general membership meeting agenda isn’t finalized until the E-Board meets on the day of the meeting. 
  2. The above should not affect a members’ ability to have his questions raised during the meeting or answered at any time. Send it to Recording Secretary, Pete Catalano if I can’t answer your question immediately, I’ll forward it to someone who can.


Trustee Report: Chris Bingham


  1. An audit is currently due and will be scheduled shortly.




Internet access update: Bill Sykes

Ø    Up and running at VEN, GNO, and ICY

Ø    Have requested information from CRE Pilots.  Would like to move forward with DSL service, and will do so as soon as I receive the necessary information.

Ø    Will investigate “drop off” of the ICY service and attempt to rectify the problem.

Ø    Will attempt to get cable service at the PTN apartments.


Offshore Living Conditions: Chris Bingham

Ø    The Company sent out an inspection team to report on O.L.C., including photographs. The Union is waiting for a report from this team.

Ø    We will continue to stay on top of this problem and work with the Company to resolve it.


Steward Program: Jim Deaton

Ø    Vacations slowed things down, however the Steward Training Program is progressing.

Ø    Stewards will play a big part in improving communications network; for that reason we hope to begin training shortly.

Ø    If you are interested in becoming a Union Steward, contact Jim Deaton or Chris Bingham.


Internal Communications Committee: Ken Bruner


Ø     Jim O’Brien couldn’t be here tonight; however he’s continuing to work on this committee and will report to the E-Board and membership when complete.

Ø     The E-Board has seen a lot of Jim’s work lately - he’s dedicated, thorough, and a real pro. We have high expectations that the program he’s putting together will be a huge part of the resolution to the Local’s continuing problem with poor communication.


Newsletter: Pete Catalano


Ø     We’re looking into cranking up the Flightline again.  This time we’re hoping to make it a first class, professional looking publication that will inform and entertain - something the membership will look forward to receiving. Any suggestions on the newsletter content, etc. are more than welcome. So are volunteers!  Send information to Pete:




1. How long do Section 6 Negotiations take?   There is no time limit on Section 6 Negotiations (Negotiations conducted under the RLA, Section 156). They can, and most often do, take years.


2. I worked over more than 100 days last year, yet I can’t get workover now. The Company continues to hire Contract Pilots - why is this? The Union can’t answer the question of why an individual Pilot is not being granted workover. Ken will call the Scheduling Department to investigate this individual’s complaint personally; however in general, if any member believes their rights under the CBA are being violated with regard to the assignment of workover, they should investigate the circumstances and file a grievance if appropriate.  As for Supplemental Pilots, the Company is free to hire 10.  At this time the Union is unclear as to exactly how many are actually on the payroll, but it is certainly not more than 10.


3. Why did two members of the Executive Board travel to Alaska?  The Pilots employed in Air Log’s Alaskan operation are members of this Local.  We have a duty and obligation to represent them with the same diligence as Gulf Coast Pilots.  They contacted the E-Board raising several very important issues.  It was determined that a face-to-face visit with our Brothers in Alaska was long overdue and in the best interest of solidarity.


4. Why don’t we elect our Negotiating Team now and start getting prepared for negotiations?  The short answer - it’s too soon.  The last Contract Negotiating Team was elected approximately one year prior to Negotiations. Opinions vary on whether or not that was too early, but no one would suggest it was too late.  We are only in the second year of a 4 Year Contract and not engaged in negotiations with the Company. That said, contract negotiations are one of the most important responsibilities of the Union and as such are constantly being discussed and evaluated by the E-Board.  At the appropriate time, the E-Board will make decisions regarding composition of the next negotiating team and the Union’s negotiating strategy in general.  Rest assured when that time comes, the membership will be involved every step of the way.


5. Suggestion from the floor: We need guidelines on what we can and can not do regarding a potential Local 108 strike.  This is an excellent suggestion.  The Local will contact Paul Bohelski and ask him to answer some general questions and also prepare a guideline which we will then publish to the membership.


Meeting adjourned at 9:15pm.