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PHPA / Local 107


of the

General Membership Meeting

November 8, 2006

Holiday Inn, New Iberia


Attendance: There were 25 members in attendance.  For a list of names, see the sign in roster (on file in Union office).


President, Ken Bruner, calls meeting to order at 7:05pm


1. PHI.


Ø     The strike between Local 108 & PHI may slow down PHPA’s growth on the “industrial” side and is also likely to slow down interest in PHI world-wide.

Ø     OPEIU advises that the Union will remain in place unless another Union is voted in.

Ø     Local 108 wishes to express their appreciation for the excellent response by Local 107 Pilots, especially in their generous contributions to the Local 108 “strike fund”.




Someone at ICY downloaded a movie which shutdown the internet.  The internet will be made secure to include having a code.




Our thoughts and prayers go out to the following Brothers and their families:


Ø     Doug Banks’ wife had cancer surgery.  Doug was given 30 days off “paid vacation” by the Company. It is understood this will not set a precedent for any future request of a similar nature.

Ø     Gerald Kelly’s cancer operation was not completely successful, Gerald has yet to return to work.




President Ken Bruner will be attending a Bristow conference in Houston.




Ø     Jim Deaton received the 2nd edition of the Steward’s Book.  He is currently working on a power-point presentation.  When complete, he will request Union LOA’s in order to begin Steward training; this is expected to start in January. 

Ø     Stewards are an important and vital part of our Union - they are the direct communications link between the Executive Board and the Membership - the lifeblood of our Union.  Their role in Union affairs can not be overstated.

Ø     Local 107 is actively seeking Union members who wish to be Stewards.  We would like to have 5 per hitch at the large bases




A.  Ryan Baker was appointed to the Executive Board in the position of Trustee. Ryan replaces former member, Charlie Gilroy in that position


B. The E-Board will meet on November 15th.  Among the items on the agenda for that meeting are:


Ø     The Steward Training Program.

Ø     Contract Negotiations - general discussion; negotiations time line, communications, etc.

Ø     Contract Negotiations - composition of the Negotiating Team and the Strategic Bargaining Committee; how will these committee members be chosen - elected or selected? 

Ø     Communications - we know many of the problems in this area, what we need are member participation and solutions.




a)      There are presently 9 Contract Pilots working for Air Logistics.


b)     Air Log recently hired 16 new Pilots; during the same period 29 Pilots left the Company.


c)      The PHI S-76 that crashed and sunk in the Gulf was classified as an “incident”.


d)     If anyone is involved in an incident of any nature and you are requested to speak to a Manager regarding the matter - ask to take a representative of the Union into the meeting with you.  Remember your rights and know what’s in the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement -“the contract”).


e)      Please keep the Union updated with your current mailing address.


f)      Ken Bruner & Chris Bingham plan to meet with Carl Brown to discuss the Alaska Pilots and their problems.


g)     Ed Quaid, senior IFR Captain ICY Base, reminds everyone to reach out to the new Pilots.  Make them feel welcome and do whatever you can to assist them and keep them informed.  To the new Pilots, Ed suggests that if you have any questions or problems, don’t hesitate to seek out one of the older Pilots to ask his assistance.




The rift in our membership brought on by the Company’s “Pay for Experience” proposal has been extremely disruptive.  Solidarity is the strength of our Union; please don’t allow anything to dilute it.  We ask everyone to help resolve this issue and begin again to build the solidarity we need to be an effective Union.




Note: Several questions were covered / answered in the sections above, the remainders follow:


Ø     Why is it taking so long to resolve grievances?  There has not been much response from the Company.  That said, the Executive Board will review all grievances at the next meeting on November 15th and insure that all outstanding grievances are moved forwarded.

Ø     Day-at-a-time vacation / swap program; can we trade time with our opposite so Operations can notify more than12-24 hrs prior to the day of vacation?  The Executive Board will ask the Company to upgrade scheduling.



With no further questions from the floor and no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:19 pm.