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PHPA / Local 107


Of the

General Membership Meeting

May 16, 2007

Holiday Inn, New Iberia


Twenty-four (24) members attended the meeting; for a list of names see the sign-in roster (on file in Union office). President Ken Bruner called the meeting to order at 7:05pm. A motion was made to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the last meeting.  The motion passed.



President’s Report   - Ken Bruner


1.     SBC

Ø     The seven-member SBC (Strategic Bargaining Committee) has been appointed. They are:  The Union President, Johnny Pacitti, Kent Bollaert, Ryan Baker, Charles Bumpas,Tim Knight, Bill Sykes, and Gayle Reece (AK)

Ø     The committee is tentatively scheduled to hold their first meeting on May 30, 2007.

Ø     “Education” will be an important part of the next negotiating campaign. Ken requested the older Pilots (those who were around for previous contract negotiations) to speak to the younger Pilots and explain the importance of solidarity, especially during contract negotiations.

Ø     Especially important is to explain that conditions (including salaries) in the Gulf have improved significantly since the union’s inception. The Union and the hard work & solidarity of the general membership are directly responsible for those improvements. The salary increases we now take for granted would not have been implemented without the Union, and especially without the support of the membership, whose collective voices made it happen.

Ø     A suggestion was made from the floor that one of our members, Norman Readler, is especially talented in making DVD’s. Perhaps we should ask Norm to assist the Local in making an “Educational DVD” concerning the history of the Union and the important part it played in the improvements we all now enjoy.

Ø     Ken agreed, this was an excellent suggestion and will contact Norm to discuss it in detail.


2.     PHPA

Ø     Ken Bruner, Bill Sykes, Bill Blume, and Kent Bollaert will represent Local 107 at the PHPA conference in Memphis, TN this weekend.

Ø     Bill Sykes will be installed as the new Secretary/Treasurer of PHPA during this meeting. Congratulations to Bill on his new assignment!


3.     HOMP 

Ø     The E-Board met with the HOMP Program Manager, Jim Morgan, to discuss the implementation of this new program.  The meeting lasted about three hours and was very productive.

Ø     The purpose of the meeting was to design an agreement defining the relationship between the Company and Union during development, implementation, and operation of HOMP.   

Ø     Jim Morgan addressed the membership meeting and gave a brief description of HOMP. He reiterated the program will be, “strictly non punitive” and that any Pilot involved in an event “will have strict confidence.”  He confirmed that he had worked with the Union all morning on drafting ideas to help insure the program remains non punitive and would be used as a safety tool only.

Ø     Ken reminded the meeting that one of the major benefits of having a strong Union is that the Company actually comes to us to discuss new programs and proposals. That’s a big improvement over the way business use to be done here at Air Logistics.



Ø     The results of the election for delegates-at-large to the OPEIU Convention in Las Vegas from 17-22 June are: Chris Bingham and Don Robson.

Ø     Ken Bruner will attend as Local 107 President, Bill Sykes will attend as an Alternate.


Treasure’s Report - Bill Sykes

Ø     As of May 16, 2007 the Local 107 Treasury totals: $209,989.42.

Ø     Checking: $132,947.49   /   CD: $105,768.71    /   Cash:$318.71

Ø     The Local 107 Emergency Fund contains $6,058.82, which is not included in the above.

Ø     Member, Ed Quaid, commented from the floor that $132,000 is a rather large amount to hold in a non-interest bearing checking account and asked if it would be possible to move some of those funds into a CD or other interest bearing account.

Ø     The First Performance Index Fund (USAA) is suggested.

Ø     Bill agreed, this is an excellent suggestion and he will look into it.


Recording Secretary Report - Pete Catalano

Ø     The E-Board is trying to improve communications with the general membership; one of those improvements is the publication of the Local 107 newsletter, The Flightline.

Ø     The first issue should be mailed to everyone’s home address in the next day or so.

Ø     New copies of the Constitution & Bylaws will also be mailed to home address.

Ø     Please update your mailing address with the Local at


Trustee Report - Jim Deaton

Ø     The following members have completed the new Steward Training Program designed by Jim Deaton & Chris Bingham:  Dan Vandervort, Robert Long, Rickey LeBlanc, Larry Skinner, Tim Knight, Aaron Senne, Mike Graf, Jimmie Jacobs, Stanley Martin, John Doty, and Ryan Baker.

Ø     The next training session is tentatively scheduled for the Galliano Base.

Ø     We still need volunteers!  The Steward Program has been completely revised. It is the E-Board’s intention to get our Stewards professionally and actively involved in the administration of the CBA. Contact Jim at for more information.




1a. When the Company has an new program, such as HOMP, they send a representative to each base to meet personally with the Pilots; can we arrange to have one of our members go around to all the bases to speak to the Pilots about Union matters?

Ken: The Executive Board is constantly striving to find new and innovative ways to improve communications with our members. One of the problems with a Union representative making base visits is that he would not be received the same as a “Company representative”.  He would not be granted access to the base facilities and therefore could not meet with all the Pilots at the same time.  Another consideration is financial - this idea was used during the last negotiations and will likely be used again; but at this particular time it would be cost prohibitive.


2. I’ve spoken to several of the newer Pilots and they all have good ideas about how to improve our contract and working conditions.  Is the Local considering using the “Contract Work Books” this time around?

Ken: Yes. The SBC will meet shortly to begin planning for negotiations; gathering information from the membership will be one of their primary missions; the workbooks will be a big part of that mission.


3a. Can the Local contact the Company and offer to split the cost of Internet service with them; that way we could have it at all Bases?

Bill: We did this, but the Company gave us the cold shoulder.  Additionally, trying to contract the cost of this proposal would probably be too expensive.


3b. Internet service is a privilege, not a right; maybe we should ask the Pilots to contribute to the cost?

Ken: It may come to that; but for now we’re doing our best to provide this service free to all bases.


1b. Again, the Union needs to get out into the field to “get the pulse of the membership” one-on-one.

Jim O’Brien:  In fact, that is the first and foremost responsibility of the SBC.  They will be charged, by the Executive Board, with that exact responsibility.

Ken: The Union has limited resources, both in terms of money and manpower.  It is impossible for us to match the Company in “personal contact’; we can’t send a Union representative into the field 24/7.  But, one-on-one communications is very important, especially during contract negotiations; therefore you will see more and more of this in the near future.

President Ken Bruner made the following statement to close the meeting: 


Let’s all keep in mind that we, Local 107, don’t want to make the same mistakes as other labor unions. In the past many unions, including our brothers in the Airline Industry, have gotten greedy.  This greed has played a major role in the demise not only of those unions, but also some of the companies they work for.


Yes, our salaries are not where we want them to be and there is much room for improvement - those improvements will come from the bargaining table.  In the meantime, let’s not misuse the union’s strength by getting greedy or by misinterpreting contract language to “squeeze a few pennies” out of the company.  We are working hard to develop a good relationship with the company and it is important for each of us to remember that in that relationship - we want to take the high ground.  In all of our dealings with the company, we want to do the right thing.


With no further questions from the floor and no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:16 pm.