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PHPA / Local 107


Of the

General Membership Meeting

August 8, 2007

Holiday Inn, New Iberia


Twenty-seven (27) members attended the meeting; for a list of names see the sign-in roster (on file in Union office). President Ken Bruner called the meeting to order at 7:05pm. A motion was made to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the last meeting.  The motion passed.




Treasure’s Report - Bill Sykes, Sec. Tres.


1.     The Trustee’s Report for the last quarter was offered for the record.  A motion was made to accept the report and the motion passed.

2.     As of August 8, 2007 the Local 107 Treasury totals: $263,588.96  (Checking: $149,846.70 / CD: $107,110.43 / Cash: $173.01  /  Emergency Fund $6,458.82)

3.     Member, Ed Quaid, reiterated his comment from the last meeting; $149,000 is a too large an amount of money to hold in a non-interest bearing checking account. He again requested that a portion of these funds be move into a CD or other interest bearing account.  Bill said he is attempting to do so; however as we are a non-profit organization, it has proven more difficult that anticipated.  He will continue to work on a way to move more of our funds into an interest bearing account and report back at the next meeting.

4.     Internet.  A DSL connection has been established at the Houma Base.  Whit this addition, all bases should now have internet access at either the base, the living quarters, or in some cases both.

5.     LN Report. All Union’s must file an LN Report each year.  This year because total assets exceeded 250K, our Local was required to file an LN-2.  This is a more difficult and complicated report requiring “electronic signatures”.  President Bruner was in the process of moving his residence, which complicated receiving the necessary paperwork.  Unfortunately, due to these unavoidable circumstances, the Local failed to file the report in a timely manner.  We are correcting the problem and the report should be filed tomorrow.  There is a possibility the Local may incur a penalty for tardiness and we wanted to make the membership aware of this fact.  We assure you that any errors were unintentional and have been corrected.


Norm Readler  -  Pilot, GNO Base


1.     Norm recently produced a ten-minute CD which does a fantastic job of reflecting our lives here in the GOM.  These videos are set to rock & roll and tell the story of helicopter flying in the Gulf.  They sell for $10 each and Norm has generously agreed to donate the profits to the Local 107 Emergency Fund.  They’re a great way to show your family and friends what you do for a living and at the same time, support your Union.  Please contact Norm at the Galliano Base to purchase a copy.


Kent Bollaert - Chairman, SBC


1.     Contract Workbooks have been available at all bases for several weeks now. 

2.     These books are a great way to communicate with the SBC.  Don’t assume that someone else will bring up an issue that’s important to you - enter it yourself. The more times items are mentioned in the books, the more weight they’ll be given during negotiations.  Please use these Workbooks and encourage others to do the same.

3.     Surveys will be coming out shortly.  Again, just another tool which the SBC will use to insure that the negotiating campaign is membership driven and that your ideas are represented at the bargaining table.


Ryan Baker -  Trustee & Publisher of The Flightline


1.     The next issue of The Flightline should be mailed around the end of August.  It will contain information regarding the recent OPEIU International Convention in Las Vegas and the award presented to Local 107 at that convention. We’re sure the story of this award will interest every member of Local 107 - so be looking for your copy.

2.     Near the end of September we will publish a “special edition” of the newsletter dealing with the upcoming Executive Board elections.

3.     I’m always looking for inputs for the newsletter so if you have anything to add or would like to be a part of the publishing team, please contact me at the Galliano Base or via e-mail:  Thanks!



President’s Report   - Ken Bruner, President


1.     Member Chris Holquin is still out on a Medical LOA following his auto accident.  Chris is currently undergoing physical therapy which is expected to last at least another three months.  The Union is working with Chris and our attorney to insure that he is properly compensated in accordance with worker compensation laws and the CBA.

2.     Everyone should begin to see the level of communications increase as we move closer to the start of negotiations.  Learn your representatives on the E-Board and the SBC and how to contact them.

3.     SPECIAL ANNAVERSARY: The Union was voted in ten years ago this week!  Those of us who were around at that time can attest for the remarkable changes in our industry since then.  We need to share that information with the younger Pilots and help them to understand the important and significant roll the Union has played in their lives and working conditions.  Two cakes were brought in for the occasion and were enjoyed by everyone after the meeting.

4.     NOMINATIONS: The meeting was opened to nominations for the next Executive Board.  The election will take place in November.  Nominations were opened at tonight’s meeting and will remain open until the Special GM Meeting to be held on September 5th.  (See nominating instructions below.)



TRUSTEE: Erica Green     /     Jim Deaton     /     Kris Stroop








PRESIDENT: Ken Bruner     /     Bill Sykes



The nominating process will remain open until September 5, 2007.  At this point there are two ways to make a nomination:

1.     In person - by attending the GM Meeting on Wednesday, September 5th.

2.     In writing - by mailing your nomination to the address below. Mail-in nominations must be received prior to September 5, 2007.



2617 Northside Road   Suite 300

New Iberia, LA 70563-0930  Attn: Bill Sykes (or) Pete Catalano


With no further business or questions from the floor, the meeting was adjourned at 8:03 pm.