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PHPA / Local 107


Of the

General Membership Meeting

November 7, 2007

Holiday Inn, New Iberia


Seventeen (17) members attended the meeting; for a list of names see the sign-in roster (on file in Union office). President Ken Bruner called the meeting to order at 7:05pm.


Ken Bruner, President


  1. Ken began by introducing his guest Paul Bohelski, Senior Representative OPEIU International.  Paul has the honor of being a signatory of every helicopter contract negotiated by OPEIU.  Paul is not only a personal friend, but a truly great friend and important asset to Local 107.


  1. Ken noted the attendance at tonight’s meeting - not only were the numbers unacceptably small, but there seemed to be a huge disparity in age; with only one or two exceptions most were older Pilots. On its own this fact wouldn’t mean very much, but with the limited participation in the recent E-Board elections and the increased chatter about “old guys / new guys” it may be a sign of something the Local needs to address.  This is our Union - young, old, small ship, big ship!  We need to get that message out. The success of our Union is a very important part of our futures (all of us) and everyone’s participation in the Union is vital to that success.


3.     PFE Update:   


Ø      The Company made a proposal to the E-Board, which they believed would help with recruiting and retention.


Ø      While analyzing the proposal, the E-Board discovered it would have caused reductions to some Pilots and also benefit Senior Pilots more than Junior Pilots. For those reasons we suggested some changes.  Basically we tweaked the proposal to increase the amount of money going to the Junior Pilots and offered other suggestions for improvements.


Ø      In the end, it was the Company and Union working together that made this happen.


4.     Announcement from the Scheduling Department::  When calling Operations to discuss work schedules or to receive a job assignment, please be as brief as possible.  As our numbers continue to grow the scheduling department is being overwhelmed with calls.  Your cooperation will be appreciated.


5.      Announcement of the results of the recent Executive Board elections. 

Ø      President: Ken Bruner

Ø      Vive President: Chris Bingham

Ø      Secretary-Treasurer: Pete Catalano

Ø      Recording Secretary: Ryan Baker

Ø      Trustee: Jim Deaton

Ø      Trustee: Erica Green

Ø      Trustee: John Doty


6.     Congratulations to all those elected and a very special thanks to the Election Committee.  They did a professional job, conducted a picture perfect election, and did it all on their own time. 


Kent Bollaert, Chairman SBC


1.     As a review the eight members of the Strategic Bargaining Committee (SBC) are: Kent Bollaert, Chairman, Ryan Baker, Bill Sykes, Tim Knight, Johnny Pacitti, Brett Ingram, and Gayle Reese (AK).

2.     Two members of this committee will be selected by President, Ken Bruner to form the Negotiating Team (NT). This team, along with International Representative, Paul Bohelski, will be responsible for presenting the Local’s contract proposals at the bargaining table.

3.     The first formal meeting of the SBC was held on Wednesday, October 31, 2007 with all members of the committee in attendance.

4.     Contract Workbooks were collected and the information is now being collated. When this task is complete the SBC will meet again to begin formulating the Union’s bargaining position for the next contract negotiations.

5.     The Local has arranged for a three day class to be conducted by an old friend of Local 107’s, Labor Attorney Mark Richards of Miami, FL.  Mark will instruct the entire SBC in writing contract language, negotiations under the RLA, and organizing and conducting successful contract campaigns.

6.     A secure communications system is now being developed.  When complete, members will receive information directly from the SBC & E-Board and may respond, to a specific member of the SBC or E-Board, to have questions answered personally - without cluttering Comocheck.


Paul Bohelski, Senior Representative, OPEIU


Update on Local 108 / PHI: 


1.     There are many unresolved legal disputes between PHI and Local 108, OPEIU.  As a result we are awaiting rulings from both state and federal courts.  Until those rulings have been made there really isn’t much to report by way of details.

2.     Pilots are being hired back but in many cases legal disputes spring from the hiring’s.

3.     The strike and the long aftermath have been very expensive for OPEIU, but even more so for PHI. 

4.     No origination needs this expense and OPEIU plans to work with our Company to prevent a repeat.


Update on Local 109 / Air Methods:


1.     Air Methods purchased CJ Systems and immediately grew the membership by 40%.

2.     Again, the purchase has legal ramifications to the Union and the case is now being decided by the NMB.

3.     If the NMB rules that these new pilots are included in the Union, as we expect, it will make Local 109 the largest Helicopter Pilot Local with over 1,000 members.




Q. Did the PFE apply to Alaska as well as the GOM?

A. YES. The adjustment to pay scales did; however we want to work with the Company to make further improvements to their Remote Operations pay.


Q. Were any of the Contract Pilots rehired by Air Log?

A. No, not in the GOM.  We think one or two may have received overseas assignments.


Q. Do we have a published list of Stewards?

A. Not at this time.  Chris Bingham is working on it and should have it out before the first of the year.


Q. Are there any Contract Pilots remaining at Air Log?

A. We think there may be 2 remaining, but that is unclear.  Ken will look into it.


Q. (To Paul Bohelski, in reference to the PFE Proposal made by the Company)   Do you see this type of tactic (addressing problems outside of negotiations) used by other companies against other Local’s your represent?  If so, do you see it as a detriment to contract negotiations?

A. Not as a “common” occurrence; but - your Local has a good, and mature, relationship with management.  Two contract negotiations with many of the same faces, a long term president and stable executive board.  So in this case I think it isn’t unusual and no, I do not see it as detrimental.  As I said earlier, we’re certain the Company wishes to avoid a PHI type negotiation; this may be their way of working with the Union to prevent it.


With no further business to be conducted, the meeting was adjourned.