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General Membership Meeting

Local 107  /  OPEIU


Meeting Date:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


President, Ken Bruner

Minute  Recorder:

Recording Secretary, Ryan Baker (Absent) Green-fill-in


33  Members attended the meeting; for their names see the sign-in roster on file in the Union Office.



Called to order:

7:04 pm


8:15 pm

Standing Reports

Secretary -Treasurer          





 CD’s: 2 






Total Funds:


Emergency Fund:  





Last audit preformed:

April 15, 2009

Results of last audit:

All Funds and Expenses accounted for

Next audit due:

July 2009

     Agenda Item   /   Topic of Discussion



Ken calls the meeting to order.  Talks to membership about the Co/Union Quarterly meeting we had last Thursday (4/9/09).  Discussed the VSP the Company is offering to the membership.  Talked about the closing of PTN base. Ken opens up the floor for questions. 



Ken discusses that the Union discussed alternate schedules for the pilots with the Company.   Discusses that the Company has a value that they need to reduce costs by and they asked us (Union) if we would consider rolling back the April 4, 2009 pay increase.  We said “No.”  Ken talks about the standing of the current economic situation and how the oil production plays its part. 



Ken discusses the Companies uniform policy and that the Company is going to start enforcing that policy, to include cargo pants, beards, and pony tails etc.



Ken continues to talk about making the decision to take the VSP and that if you do decide to take it you will be terminating yourself from the Company.  But that he is convinced that the Company will value you as an employee and it’s likely that you may be called back for re-employment.



Ken talks about the relationship we (Union) have tried building with the Company and that it’s been a better relationship with the Company then in previous years and that is not something the Company wants to damage at this point. Talks about the current tax situation in the economy and how if it passes it could very well be the end of the GOM and drilling here.  Write to your Congressman so this tax bill doesn’t pass.



Ken talks about the upcoming election and getting new and fresh faces involved in the Union.  Special Membership meeting being held on September 16, 2009.



Ken discusses that we (Union) didn’t have any real standing with negotiating a “deal” for the pilots and explained a bit of history with one of our customers (Mariner) leaving the Patterson base.  It all happened before the Company could sit down with the Union and discuss what was happening.  Company came out with a VSP for non-pilots before discussions with the Union, which meant that we (Union) couldn’t make the VSP any better for us without changing it for the non-pilots.



Discusses that we were pretty lucky that we wrapped up our negotiations when we did.  And that since, the bottom has dropped out of all of all of the Companies planning towards their new “business model” We need for the Company to catch a break…it is in our best interest.



Jim Obrien thanks the E-Board and all our hard work.  But discusses if there is a way for us to really come together and help ourselves, but help the Company as well. Is there someway for the Union to move a certain amount of money to help the Company out.  Ken says that the E-Board did discuss some alternatives, but that we were limited on resources.



Ken talks about the senior pilots being replaced and that we need to keep the younger pilots around because they are the next generation working force.  And that he liked seeing that some of the older pilots in the room were concerned with the junior pilots losing their jobs.



Dwayne tells the membership that Rob P. spoke to the training dept and ICY base and told the pilots that the S-92 contracts for BP overseas were pretty much a go ahead deal. Rob also expressed that he was hopeful that a few more contracts will be coming by May 2009.



At approximately 2015 Jim Morgan makes a motion to conclude meeting, John Doty/Ken Bruner second the motion, motion passed by General Membership.  End of General Membership Meeting.




















Questions from the Membership

The following questions were sent to the Recording Secretary, Ryan Baker at prior to the meeting:







Questions from the Floor

The following questions were raised during the Q & A portion of the meeting:


Kent Bollaert talked about the questions he fielded from the membership on Commocheck.  Didn’t get very much of a response.  But passed his results onto the Executive Board.


Jim Obrien-What is the value of our pay raise?  How much does it cost the Company?  Didn’t have the numbers off the top of our head. 


Phil Canciene-Asked about whether you could collect unemployment?  Yes, but after the weeks of your severance package. Ex:  11 weeks of severance, will have to wait 11 weeks before you collect unemployment.  State laws apply.


Jason Loss-Asked about how the process is suppose to happen if you want to give up your flying seat for a spare pilot who hasn’t flown?  Said that weren’t any set rules on how scheduling was suppose to make it happen.  So the Pilots and Scheduling are not on the same level.


New Hire-How long does it take to get a vote out to the membership and for what?  30 days and if there is money involved.


Aaron Sienne-Will we know on April 24th how many pilots put in for the VSP? 

Name?-Do we know if you can go International or to Alaska?  John Doty states that when he spoke with Carl Brown, Carl said there were no jobs available in Alaska.  And that we were told there were no jobs available in Nigeria as well

Tim Knight-Take vacation, even in the short-term and have pilots do what ever we can do to help save money.  Help where we can and that when it really comes down to it, we will step up and take the sacrifices.

New Hire-Excess travel with all the spares, to simply do nothing or just accommodate for available housing. Is there anything I can do that will help save?  Yes, sometimes the little things can help. 

Why is the Company sending pilots from base to base and paying the per diem, while we are asked to drink out of one water bottle a day?  Why is the company spending on additional little accessories as well (Ex: coffee mugs in radio room)?


Set up data about the money we are trying to save while the company is still spending.  If pilots are willing to use their second week of vacation, scheduling is not willing to approve right away.  They make the pilot wait last minute, which doesn’t help the pilot plan.  Could we request that scheduling give the pilots more notice?  


Aaron Sienne-Prayers out for Roy Little.

Jim Morgan-Please keep your head clear while flying.

Future employment with maybe Ft. Rucker or Air Methods?

Dwayne-Prayers out for Jim Hamilton

Logan Olivares-Discussed that he was told by ICY base manager (Barkley) due to the fuel dept requirements that when they sump the A/C they are to FILL the jar to it’s fullest capacity.  Wasting full?  Jason Loss then said that he tried to find the reference that says we have to fill the jar FULL or to take a sample at all.  


If you were able to attend the meeting – thanks, your participation is appreciated.

If not, we hope to see you next time.

The Local 107 Executive Board