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Local 107

Executive Board


March 19, 2010




Fellow Members:


Your Executive Board met in committee March 17th and 18th, both days from 0800 through 1600.  The following is a list of items covered during the course of these meetings:


-        Internet broadcast of the General Membership Meetings, and the best, most cost-effective way to deliver this to you.  We are in the process of testing Webinar at this time – more information to follow.


-        Research and discontinuance of Internet service at those locations that are served by the company. This is a cost-cutting effort, NOT an effort to reduce the benefits to the membership.  PTN Base will be discontinued shortly; further reductions may follow.


-        Several issues relating to the International OPEIU were discussed, including the upcoming convention in Washington, DC mid June. You voted at the last General Membership Meeting to send a one junior member to the convention as an alternate, along with the three delegates (Ken Bruner, Chris Bingham and Pete Catalano). After nominating six candidates and following much discussion, the E-Board voted on Nathan Stowell to attend the Convention as an alternate. We believe that Nathan will provide to the membership the best perspective.  He will also write an article to be submitted to The White Collar describing his experiences at the convention.


-        Pete Catalano was presented to the E Board as the replacement candidate for the position of Vice President of PHPA, replacing Bill Blume, who resigned.  Pete’s nomination was accepted by the E Board, and subsequently accepted by Pete. We thank Bill for his efforts and welcome Pete to this very important position.


-        PHPA and OPEIU have asked that all Local’s solicit articles for publication in Autorotate (PHPA) and White Collar  (OPEIU). Therefore, we are offering a cash reward of $100 to the member whose article we select as the best for the quarter.

For Autorotate:  The subject for this quarter is the Automatic Dependent Satellite-Broadcast system (ADSB) being implemented in the Gulf.

For The White Collar: The subjects should always be labor and/or solidarity related.


·       In both cases, articles should be somewhere between 750 and 1500 words.

·       Every article we receive will be submitted to the appropriate magazine for possible publication (at a per-word rate to be determined by the magazine editor). If published you may receive additional compensation from the magazine. 

·       Articles must be submitted to the Executive Board via by May 1, 2010.


-        Contract negotiations are upcoming.  The Executive Board is seeking resumes from the membership to participate in the Strategic Bargaining Committee and from that Committee, the Negotiating Team. The expected timeline is as follows:


Website Workbooks: NOW

Resumes will be due: 26 APR 10

Hard copy workbooks: 26 APR 10-Ryan Baker

SBC Formed: 5 MAY 10

Survey’s: 6 JUN 10

NT Formed: 1 JUL 10

Sec 6 Date: Pending Research by Erica Green- 26 APR 10




-        Negotiations begin: 1 SEP 10 


-        The E Board discussed the Steward program, with a view toward revitalizing it, and ensuring that each base is adequately represented. If you have an interest in performing as a steward, please contact us.


-        The E Board discussed implementation of a program designed to spur interest in the Local and to actively seek input and participation from Junior Pilots.  We want every member involved in the Local and hope this new program will help us achieve that objective.


-        Union PERKS cards are available to you.  Please contact one of the E Board for details about this very valuable benefit to you.


-        The next General Membership Meeting is scheduled for May 26, 2010. We intend to have it in Galliano, if possible. We will keep you informed. The next E Board meeting is May 12-13, 2010. If you have any issues that need to be brought up to the board, contact us.


-        Finally, this was a very productive two-day Executive Board meeting. 


·       Several new policies were put in place which, we believe, will increase accountability on the part of each member of the Executive Board and improve the overall efficiency of the Board.

·       An extensive list of agenda-items was, for the most part, cleared.

·       For those few items that were not cleared, ‘action dates’ & ‘responsible individuals’ were named.


-        Unfortunately the General Membership meeting did not achieve a quorum.  However, we expect this problem to be resolved shortly.  As mentioned in the first bullet point, the Executive Board is in the process of testing Webinar.  It is our hope that this “go to meeting” tool can be used to hold on-line meetings in the future.  We have made two test of the system thus far, some problems were noted; however, we remain optimistic that we can make Webinar work for us.   Further information on this subject will be forthcoming.


If you have any comments on this list, or any other Union related questions, please contact us at