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Article 1 Statement of Purpose*
Do you think we should all get a 1000% raise

2011 Contract Negotiation

Contract Amendable as of: April 4, 2011

Strategic Bargaining Committee consists of:-

Chairman: Ryan Baker

Gulf of Mexico: Alaska:
Chris Bingham Ed Bartoli
Anthony Gennochio Gayle Reece
Erica Green
Al Linzy
Bill Meredith
Stephen Rider
Nathan Stowell
Dave Williams

Contract Proposals is Member Driven through:-

Contract Negotiation Workbooks Hardcopies and Website Forum
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2011 Contract Negotiation Survey
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**2011 Contract Negotiation Survey**
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The Compilation of all information
Workbooks, Surveys, and Word-of-Mouth
forms a “Proposed Contract”

This "Proposed Contract" is based on Members inputed wants and needs only!!!

Bristow Group
North American Business Unit

18% of Bristow Group’s Business
13% Profit Margin

Stock Price as of Oct. 6th,2008
Current Stock Price

Increase in Stock Value: 19.5%

If you have Questions, comments or concerns please send them to: