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Local 107 Safety Committee


As I said during the 19 February GM meeting, I am starting with a clean sheet of paper in building a Safety Committee for Local 107.  I will continue to pursue the goal of gaining a seat at the company's quarterly safety meetings. If this proves to be impossible, my backup plan will be to submit well written point papers to the company for consideration when writing new policy involving safety. In my estimation, this will be something that occurs after the new CBA is ratified. In the meantime, I am asking the membership to give me some input on what the Safety Committee should look like and what its goals should be. In my conversations with Joe Johnston, he expressed some frustration that the goal of having a pilot safety rep at each base to monitor conditions and report on safety matters at each Sunday morning safety meeting was not met. The company's vision was that a couple of hours of work per 7 day hitch would be compensated with supplemental pay. This didn't happen simply because there were no takers. However, both he and Rob Phillips expressed an interest in having a safety committee that interfaces with the company in pursuit of its Target Zero goals. It is not my objective to create a company pilot safety rep program within Local 107 or duplicate the Target Zero program. Instead, I want to create an independent program with the following objectives:


1. Collect information in an organized fashion on any issue that impacts safety for Local 107, be it flight operations, quality of life at bases, etc.


2. Make Local 107 a proactive agent in the process of modifying, or formulating new, standard operating procedures in the GOM.


3. Give Local 107 a unified voice in expressing concerns on safety matters when the company decides to change or create new policy.


4. Support the company’s Target Zero goals.


In talking with some pilots, including past E-board members, I have decided that recruiting some guys to become safety reps is a good way to go. I'd like to see one from each hitch, at GNO, ICY and PTN at a minimum. These guys would primarily be safety observers and collectors of information, who would then forward their findings to me to publish in a NOTAM and, when appropriate, advocate changes in company policy/procedures. Prior experience, for example, those who had formal safety training while in the military, would be great, though certainly not required. Minimum requirements are a good head on the shoulders, an observant nature and a modicum of volunteer spirit. Whether or not I get anybody to volunteer, every member of Local 107 is in, in a sense, a safety rep. With that in mind, anybody with a safety concern should pass it on to me, either in person, by email or phone.  

Jim Talbot
Local 107 Vice President